Webdesign with WordPress, Elementor & Nexusthemes

We specialize in web design solutions based on the WordPress content management system using Nexusthemes Elementor templates .

The use of the Elementor framework as a so-called “page builder” enables almost infinite design possibilities and enables the user-friendly maintenance of the content by the customer.

The web hosting is done on behalf of the customer with a hoster of his choice, we recommend the WordPress hosting packages from Ionos . Of course, we support the customer in concluding a corresponding hosting contract. In addition to the services for creating the website, we offer to obtain the necessary licenses or annual rental fees for the Elementor Framework, the template and the cookie plugin from us, since we can offer more favorable conditions here by purchasing quantities.

Website Optimization

After an initial creation, you often have to put your hand aside with regard to optimization.

On the one hand, this concerns the optimization in the area of search engines, see here also in the area of SEO .

But a variety of settings can also be made in the area of loading times (also a subtopic of SEO) and security. We optimize the websites individually, depending on the customer’s requirements.

When it comes to loading times, we use the following solutions, among others:

Using a special plugin, the images are not only reduced in size, but also delivered in the modern WebP format. As a result, we reduce the size of the delivered images and thus their loading times considerably!

Content is delivered faster using optimized caching plugins based on WordPress, thereby reducing loading times.

For demanding tasks in the area of loading times (but also in the area of security), we offer the use of a so-called "Content Delivery Network" (CDN) via the provider Cloudflare. More information can be found here: Cloudflare CDN

In the area of security and protection of the website, we rely on a combination of various measures that all interlock and as a package increase the security of the website:

For basic protection, we follow the usual procedures for securing a website:

  • Daily update of all WordPress components (core, plugins, themes) via a special plugin tool
  • Daily backup of all data to third-party cloud storage
  • Scanning of relevant security channels for possible threats
  • Database protection
  • Adding HTTP security headers.

By default, we use a so-called "Web Application Firewall" as a plugin to block attacks on the site in advance. In addition, this offers the possibility to secure the login to the WordPress administration interface via 2-factor authentication.

For extended requirements, we combine the above measures with the use of a so-called "Content Delivery Network" (CDN) using the provider Cloudflare. More information can be found here: Cloudflare CDN

How the successful combination of the measures mentioned above affects loading time and security can be determined, for example, using a special test – the results, as can be seen below, are excellent!

Appropriate optimizations (e.g. the use of Cloudflare as a CDN and appropriate settings in the SSL configuration) can also achieve A+ values at SSL-Labs .

Tailor-made packages

It doesn’t matter whether you just want a small web presence or a complete company presence, we can make your wishes come true. We take over the web design of your new website for you and support you in finding and setting up a WordPress hoster.

Transparent costs

Our price-performance ratio is transparent and fair. You don’t pay exorbitant prices, but we’re not a “cheap home” either. The services are “worth their price”

Time to market

With us, you don’t have to wait weeks for the finished end result. Depending on the complexity, our websites are ready for use in a few days.

Timely service

Should a problem arise or a change be necessary at short notice, you don’t have to wait long. Most adjustments can be made on the same day.

State of the art technology

Of course, the Elementor templates we use from Nexusthemes also support a perfect presentation of your website on handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets and meet the most modern requirements.