PH Internet

PHI (PH Internetdienstleistungen) was founded in 2003 as a small business by Peter Heck. The company focuses on the implementation of websites for small companies using the content management system WordPress and the page builder Elementor, search engine optimization and the setup and support of Microsoft 365 cloud solutions.

Excellent support

Irrespective of the fact that PHI is operated as a sideline, the customer is also our focus. No customer is left out in the cold or has to wait long for a callback from us. Within the scope of our possibilities, help is provided quickly and reliably. Simply speak to one of the customers (see menu item References ) and let them tell you about their experiences!

Legally compliant websites

Especially as a small company, you often do not know about the legal pitfalls of a website and therefore often unintentionally fall victim to a warning. We therefore deal intensively with the legal aspects and advise our customers in this regard. This is done with the support of the services of eRecht24 , whose services we have subscribed to.

We cannot relieve you of the responsibility for your website, but together we can design it in such a way that legal requirements are met, be it with regard to  Copyright issues, the imprint obligation or necessary data protection declarations. 


Security is very important to us.

The WordPress installations are secured through the use of security plugins and 2nd factor authentication as well as other security measures. All components are kept up to date and security updates (WordPress plugins, themes, core) are largely automated and promptly installed.

As an optional service, a backup solution with backup of the homepage content in a cloud can be activated – incl. automatic backup before importing new program versions.

By screening the most important news feeds, emerging security problems are identified at an early stage and the necessary actions can be planned in a timely manner.

Of course, the system is monitored 24×7 so that possible failures or problems are noticed promptly